“I Can’t Stop Wanting to Use Crystal Meth”


Q: I’ve been using crystal meth for years, and I know that I’m addicted to it. It’s hurting me mentally and physically. I lost a boyfriend because of it, and I’m pretty sure I’ll lose my job if I don’t stop using. All I’ve been able to do so far is go from using every week to using about every four to six weeks. When the urge to use hits, I can’t think about anything else. Do you have any practical advice on how to fight it?”


  • ANSWER: Don’t stop using alone!

    Staying clean is much easier if you have people in your life who know what you’re going through. Don’t be afraid to get as much support from others as you can. It can really help to talk with others who have succeeded in staying clean for a year or more, because they’ll serve as visible proof that recovery really happens, and isn’t just a pipe dream. The twelve-step programs offer extensive support networks.



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