Crystal Meth Anonymous – Step 1

  1. We admitted that we were powerless over crystal meth and our lives had become unmanageable.

This is considered the most vital step in Crystal Meth Anonymous, and it is also the only step that members must work completely. If we do not accept this first step it will not be possible for us to benefit from the rest of the program. This is because it is only the feelings of powerlessness and unmanageability that motivate us to change our lives.

Powerless Over Crystal Meth Explained
By admitting that we are powerless over Crystal Meth, we say that they are unable to control our intake. This means that we now accept that we have lost our battle against Crystal Meth and no longer believe that we will ever be able to use safely. If we keep holding onto the idea that we may be able to use again normally at a later date it means we have not fully accepted our powerlessness when using. We may be able to stop drinking, but it’s likely leaving us susceptible to relapse. It is only by fully accepting powerlessness that the individual can move forward effectively.

Crystal Meth Causes Life to Become Unmanageable
In order to take the first step in recovery it is necessary for the individual to be humble enough to admit that they need help. Some people view humility as a type of weakness, but this could not be further from the truth.

It just means that the individual owns up to the reality that they do not have all the answers. Humility also means that the individual becomes willing to accept help for their problem.

The benefits of adopting this type of attitude is not only necessary for the first step but for all the steps. The advantages of a humble attitude in recovery include:

  • It makes it easier for people to pick up new information. Those who already feel they have all the answers have no desire to listen to anyone.
  • Humility means that people are not afraid to ask questions. When people are arrogant they don’t like to ask questions in case it makes them appear stupid.
  • A humble attitude means that the individual with not become overconfident in their recovery. This is important because it is usually when people become complacent that they are most likely to relapse.
  • Humility is a vital component of any type of spiritual path – not only the 12 Steps.
  • It is easier for people who are humble to make new friends.
  • Arrogance is an unattractive personality trait that repels other people.
    Humility means that people experience less stress in their life. They do not put pressure on themselves to have all the answers and have no fear about asking for help when they need it.

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