‘the addiction memoir for the next generation’? (‘Interview’ magazine)

Meet writer Sam Lansky…

EXCERPT from Interview magazine: The Gilded Razor (Gallery Books) opens on a 17-year-old Lansky, a certified child of uptown privilege, preparing for a prospective college visit with his father at Princeton. Needless, to say, Princeton, is not in the cards. What ensues instead are drugs (prescription and non-prescription), sex (a proclivity for random meet-ups with older men), and an obsession with being the glamorous New Yorker a young Lansky idealizes to the point of self-erasure.


Another such EXCERPT…

LANSKY: “The delineation between drugs is so frequently classist and racist and not actually aligned with the experience of taking those drugs. Adderall is like a white-collar vitamin. Cocaine is a party drug for rich and beautiful people.

Meth is this white trash scourge.

They all look the exact same way in the brain. If you look at neurological scans of people on those drugs they’re identical. They work on the same neurotransmitters. They vary in potency depending on what you were doing and how pure it is, but it’s the same shit. And yet identifying that you had a cocaine problem, it’s like, “Join the club.” You live in New York. If you tell people that you used to do meth, they freak out. It’s all so politicized in this way that had nothing to do with what those drugs actually are like which I think is fascinating”


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