What’s it like at a CMA meeting?


Crystal Clear” — the Columbus Crystal Meth Anonymous meeting — meets every Friday at 6:00 PM at Stonewall Columbus at 1160 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201.


All Crystal Meth Anonymous groups act autonomously, types of members at meetings may vary from group to group. Some meetings are closed, accepting only recovering addicts. Other meetings may be open, or welcoming of non-addicts who wish to attend in support of a loved one or to gain knowledge and understanding.

The Friday meeting of Crystal Meth Anonymous is an open meeting, meaning non-addicts can attend.

  • Come for the free coffee and cookies
  • Hear other addicts share about how they’re living in recovery
  • Only share if you want to — no pressure.
  • Everyone is treated with kindness and respect.
  • Don’t let the G-O-D thing scare you away. It’s about getting in touch with your High Power — a power greater than you and your addiction. You decide what your HP is.
  • Did we mention cookies?

Also, a few other basics about a CMA meeting:

  • Meetings vary in format from week to week; some are topic based, open-sharing, readings, writing, meditation, speaker shares, etc.
  • Only first names are used, and attendance is kept private within the meeting.
  • Meetings are free to attend; money is accepted by voluntary donation only.
  • Meeting location does not necessarily indicate affiliation; meetings may be held in public spaces or religious buildings.

Click here to Find a MEETING near you!



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