Today I’m grateful ________________

  1. I have another day clean and in recovery (almost 4 months — yay!)
  2. My body is not in pain
  3. I have easy access to meds that keep my HIV in check
  4. I have a job that pays my bills and a little bit more…
  5. That I have a GREAT sponsor… he returns my calls, texts, motivates me
  6.  That my friends, family are praying for my continued recovery
  7. That I’m warm tonight w/ a good roommate and good food (pray I don’t get ecoli tonight’s Chipotle #fingerscrossed)
  8. That I  don’t have to keep my addiction a secret
  9. That tonight my mom isn’t worrying about me hurting myself.
  10. That I have a choice to use or not to use — and today I chose not to use.
  11. That I’m alive.
  12. That at last night’s meeting I didn’t hesitate to receive hugs. #gettingthere
  13. That I’m learning to have stronger faith.
  14. That I’m a little more open to learning from people in and out of the rooms
  15. That people are patient with me.
  16. That I have hope for another day clean.
  17. For the quiet in the morning.. peace, calm.
  18. That I’m safe when I go to sleep.
  19. That the people I used and who used me are out of my life.
  20. That I haven’t given up on myself.

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