Inventory (Just for Today, Jan. 18)

“Continuing to take a personal inventory means that we form a habit of looking at ourselves, our actions, our attitudes, and our relationships on a regular basis.”

Basic Text, p. 42


The daily inventory is a tool we can use to simplify our lives. The most complicated part of taking a regular inventory is deciding how to start.

  • Should we write it out?
  • What should we examine?
  • In how much detail?
  • And, how do we know when we’ve finished?

In no time, we’ve turned a simple exercise into a major project.

Here’s one simple approach to the daily inventory. We set aside a few minutes at the close of each day to sit quietly and check out our feelings.

  • Is there a knot, big or small, in our gut?
  • Do we feel uncomfortable about the day we’ve just finished?
  • What happened?
  • What was our part in the affair?
  • Do we owe any amends?
  • If we could do it over again, what would we do differently?

We also want to monitor the positive aspects of our lives in our daily inventory.

  • What has given us satisfaction today?
  • Were we productive?
  • Responsible?
  • Kind?
  • Loving?
  • Did we give unselfishly of ourselves?
  • Did we fully experience the love and beauty the day offered us?
  • What did we do today that we would want to do again?

Our daily inventory doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. It is a very simple tool we can use to keep in daily touch with ourselves.


Just for today: I want to keep in touch with the way I feel in living this life I’ve been given. At the end of this day, I will take a brief, simple inventory.

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