Recovering crystal meth addict shares astonishing images and hard-hitting story after getting clean

“I was homeless on and off for the last four years. I got into a slew of legal trouble – multiple felonies and misdemeanor charge.”


A former drug user has shared his astonishing ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures following a harrowing five-year battle with ‘crystal meth’ – and says he’s so happy to be sober.

Minnesotapolis, as he’s known on Reddit, has shared his experiences in an online post that is as inspiring as it is emotional.

And he warns those who do not have any drug issues that no one chooses the path he sadly went down.

Writing on Reddit, Minnesotapolis – who describes himself as “a recovering meth addict with six felonies, all drug related” – reveals that he made the changes after a brush with suicide.

“I finally had just had enough one day and I was going to jump off the Smith bridge in Saint Paul. But the police stopped me and brought me to the psych ward.”


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