What a difference 90 days makes

“I just remember seeing others going about their normal lives wondering if I would ever have the ability to live a serene life clean and free of meth.

Pictures have been shared online of a former crystal meth user before and after she stopped taking the drug – and the difference is staggering.

The images, which were posted on Reddit by the user Stardreamer93’s brother, show that in just three months her gaunt, dark-eyed appearance has been replaced by a healthy, happy face.

Her hair is more lustrous, her smile is dazzling, and she has a colour to her cheeks that shows the difference those days clean from meth have made.

And she says she found the strength to get clean because she wanted more for herself.

He told Mirror Online that his sister had agreed to the post, and explains that they “sort of had a family intervention” when she agreed to go to a rehab centre for help with her drug use.

“There’s lots of good places, but they’re expensive,” he reveals, adding that her health insurance covered a lot of the cost.

Wormguy666, who is an American, adds: “[We] put her in a 30-day program and now she’s living with us while we help her get back on track.


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